Universal car battery bracket

The last thing you want to experience is to be driving and all of a sudden the car’s dead nothing is moving, dashboard is blank. Am sure you don’t want that to happen especially on an express road.

But let me shock you it happens and have been a victim before.

What  happen? You may ask

Your car battery are made of 6 cell basically joint together  and if you battery is not secured well in the car, the battery is subjected to direct shock when you ran into potholes it becomes severe when speeding over bad road(mostly un-tarred road)

Recurrent shock on the battery may cause the terminal to lose especially if you are the type that don’t tighten up the nut on the connector but just look for a stone or plier to force the connector on the terminal which then definitely cause a number of cell to disconnect and of course if its a new battery the battery indicator will still be green. Over time you realise your battery is not as strong as before though the indicator is green.

You might call a ‘rewire’ (electrical technician) who would perform ‘parasitic draw’ test and alternator test which his/her assessment would be nothing is wrong in the wiring and the alternator is okay which leaves you one option the BATTERY!!!

Next you visit a battery charger who then butcher your battery and charge you for repairing the battery then you are left with something that look like this

Which later you would still need to buy a new battery.

So bottom lines is uses the car battery holder, avoid removing your battery any now and then except you would not be using the car for a long time and finally always tighten the nut on the connector with the right size of spanner.